A mesmerizing tale of unjust imprisonment and harrowing escape attempts. Suspenseful, mysterious, heart-wrenching, and populated by a cast of unforgettable characters.

It’s December of 1949, and civil war is raging throughout China. The coastal town of Hangzhou erupts in confrontations between the followers of Chang Kai Shek and Mao Zedong. Fourteen-year-old Tao Wen Shun, the upstanding son of an educated family, is reeling from the news that he is being sent to a sponsoring family in Canada to escape the terrors of Mao’s regime. Wen Shun joins other evacuees on a voyage around the world and finds himself under a human trafficking cartel’s domination.

Inspired by real events, a moving coming-of-age drama, this 20th-century historical fiction novel spans two continents and is filled with action where strength of character prevails.

Who does he become as a foreigner in a country whose people, language, and culture he doesn’t know or understand? Beset by the doubts and passions common to anyone in these circumstances, will he find the courage to endure, and what will be his future?



Immigrants create a life from a dream, but sometimes it becomes a nightmare. An Unexpected Father is a daring, beautiful story about love, loss, and finding a new family, not of one’s flesh and blood but of the heart.

Since leaving China, Winson has been confronted by several quandaries. Although the color of his skin color creates a barrier that most people will never experience, he is still determined to challenge it. While he struggles to contend with western norms and expectations to adapt to the new social system he is in, he continues to believe that achievement has no color. The second dilemma is more personal because Winson is caught in the grip of Caitlin’s parent’s objections to their Canadian daughter marrying a Chinaman. She will do anything and go anywhere for the man she loves, even if it means sacrificing her parent’s relationship. On top of these continuous pressures, the human-trafficking ring’s attempts to drag him back into their world and imperil his future.

In this unforgettable portrait of human resilience, can the indomitable nature and spirit of character prevail? Can courage triumph against all odds?