George Fillis, the son of Greek immigrants, is the author of the Collingwood Series.

A graduate of Trinity University, he lives in San Antonio, Texas, with his wife, Karen. He discovered his passion for writing after careers in securities, real estate, and biotech. Inspired by travels to China and Canada, he heard a remarkable story about a ‘paper son,’ which was the seed for A Heart To Survive and An Unexpected Father.

Hearing individual stories about immigrants awakens something in him, especially those filled with hope for a better life and the courage to overcome overwhelming odds. Although this is a story of coming to Canada, it could be anywhere.

A Heart to Survive and An Unexpected Father, are a gripping tale of hardships, resilience, and passion. It not only explores the depth of human passions but drives home the bitter realities of racism in 1950s Canada and takes readers on an epic journey into the historical past of two nations divided by culture and continents.